Top Ten Worship Songs At PCC In 2012

Inspired by my worship leading friend Chris Vacher, here’s a look at the top worship songs sung at PCC in 2012. These stats reflect the total number of times a song was programmed for PCC services, which includes Worship Nights, special services and FOCUS. And because we’re a multi-site campus, when a song was played at both campuses it moved up in the rankings.

#1 Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture
Great song, incredible message that suits our culture so beautifully. We’ve been singing this for a few years, and it shows. We played this song 21 times in 2012!

#2 I Am Set Free – All Sons & Daughters
Leslie Jordan and David Leonard are writing some excellent songs that resonate with our worship leaders and our church. Several of their tunes are in rotation, and we’re introducing a new one this week. The lyrical theme of this song reflects so much truth for the people at PCC.

  #3 Like A Lion – David Bashta
We heard David Bashta and All Sons & Daughters at STORY in 2011, and both artists’ work have had an impact on our church. We’re partial to the original version, not the one that ended up getting a lot of airplay…

#4 Hosanna – Brooke Fraser
This feels like an “old” song at PCC. Most of our female singers have wrapped themselves around this song. The bridge remains one of the most powerful lyrics we sing in worship; God speaks to me in different ways through different words each time we sing it.

#5 Cornerstone – Reuben Morgan, et al
A mission team brought this song from NYC after visting Hillsong New York for an Easter service. We’ve done ever since – fourteen times since April!

#6 God Is Able – Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan
This was a theme song for a series earlier in the year, and it stuck. It’s a powerful promise, very singable and easy to manage in a male or female key.

#7 Mighty To Save – Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan
The influence of two of the most prolific songwriters out of Australia’s Hillsong church is obvious; this is an “old” song, but one that remains fresh, singable and true. Just last week Matthew introduced a new, reggae-tinged version!

#8 Our God – Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, et al
Another song with a powerful, Biblical bridge that I love to hear our church sing. We loved the mashup that Stephen Brewster’s team did with this song for Christmas – mixed with “O Come All Ye Faithful” – and used it during December.

#9 You Are Good Israel Houghton
This song rocks. It’s part of our DNA; integral to every celebration, and guaranteed to raise the roof. I can’t imagine NOT doing this song at PCC!

#10 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman & Jonas Myrin
We love this new “hymn”. Matt Redman never fails to bring singable, relevant, melodic songs that are solid and sustainable. We’re grateful for his influence.

 What was YOUR favorite?

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Worship Songs At PCC In 2012

  1. I am pretty sure it is Cornerstone….mainly because I constantly sang it in my head and outloud for weeks and weeks. The others I don't all remember (must listen to them) but instantly knew cornerstone.

    lifesong is an oldy fav and od love hosana. oh, and you know, the stand song!


  2. Christian music has changed tremendously over the years, and so did its listeners. And because of the internet, christian music is now accessible and available for everyone to listen to. The style of praise/worship has changed over the years, and the current christian music is modern and contemporary that helps reach out to the youth nowadays. I believe it’s because they welcomed change and went along with how the world changed, that made this genre of music convey its message very effectively, even through rock music.

    Dalene Croff


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