Parenting, Ongoing

ALL the kids, including Nelson and my niece and nephew.

 I’m beginning to think I’m in the midst of a huge empty nest/mid-life crisis. When my kids are all together, I am so content. When they’re not, I know something’s not quite right, but I don’t ever put my finger on it…until they’re all together again. Then, the fullness of my heart points out what was empty before. We are so much better together. And yet, life moves on; my goal was to raise them to become independent people, and the girls are doing just that. The boys are well on their way.

I’ve got a few more years with the boys at home, and plenty more occasions for reunions.

Lord, let me soak in the joy of your blessings and live out of gratitude for the privilege of being a parent. Let me be mindful of the relative ease of my life. Let me continue to grow in this NEW parenting role, even as I mourn the loss of the “good ol’ days”. Let me lean forward into all that is to come.

I am SO grateful for ALL of my family, the touchstone that allows me to experience and appreciate the passing of time. Sigh. Glad to be in a place of beauty – both in what I see around me and what I treasure in my heart.


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