Happiness Is A Warm Guitar

It makes me happy to see people in my family happy. At the moment, Sydni is wandering around in the kitchen singing, “We found love in a hopeless place…” Occasionally, Sarah will chime in a harmony part. It’s beautiful.

They are happy when they are singing.

David holds a carton of ice cream in his hand, and for the duration of time it takes him to finish, he is a happy boy.

Daniel drums. Constantly. There are always sounds of drumming in the house. That makes him happy.

I talked to Shannon on Skype today, and she was beaming in her beautiful green dress. She loves JMU. She is happy.

But true happiness, the kind that is hard-won and not soon forgotten?

It looks like this.

Granted, his face doesn’t look happy, but the elements of happiness required for any guitar player are right there.

And he is very happy.

Church, this Sunday. I’m serious. The song requires a Marshall…

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