We Read

I come from a family of readers. When on vacation together, we do a lot of reading. This is a small sampling of books that were scattered around the house this morning.

Once, I brought my friend Gina to the beach. I had packed three or four books for the three or four days we would spend together with our kids. It wasn’t until that trip that I realized that some people thought we were weird. Not everybody reads on vacation.

I’d rather read than play putt-putt or go out. So would most everybody in my family. When we get done reading our own books, we read each others’. We read from our books to one another. Which is why we all know a little bit about Keith Richards this time around.

Added to the mix this morning: a discussion of Isaiah 59 (brought to the table by one of the kids) and a search for which Led Zeppelin song reminded me of a witch (The Battle of Evermore, in case you’re wondering. Don’t ask me why.)

Looking at this photo one more time, I find it a very intriguing mix of tastes and styles. Some of these books are for school. Some are for discipline. Some are for fun.

The metaphor is too easily applied for my family. I wonder if anybody but us can match the book to the reader?

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