Time Flies – Macedonia 2011

Syd with a Roma girl two years ago in Macedonia

Shannon and Syd leave for Macedonia tomorrow.

Sarah has been in Europe for two weeks already.

My, how time flies.

These girls – my babies – have grown up and embraced the opportunity to fly, literally. They are pouring parts of themselves into other people, across the globe, in places foreign to them.

I have set this aside and tried not to think about it, really, because if I think about it, I am overwhelmed. There is little fear or anxiety anymore -just a general, maternal, “Please be safe…” panic that ebbs and flows. I have learned that they will go, and that is that. I pray for protection and miracles and simply learn to lean into a trust that I’ve yet to develop, but one that is there when needed.

Seems these sorts of character issues grow out of necessity. You don’t even realize it’s there until you look back a recognize how it was pressured into existence.

Syd wrote this tonight:

God, you are good. So good. You have entrusted me, labeled me as one of your own, and sent me out into this world. You have honored me with a partnership with you and the Roma people. This week it is my prayer that you move through me. That your light shines through every pore in my body. That I become a ball of inextinguishable fire for you and your greater purpose. Let healing begin this week, eradicate all injustice and pain. Begin to blend the line between heaven and earth so that the Romani experience what true, unchanging, eternal love is. What your love is. This week give us the ability to soften Romani hearts so that you can mold them. See you in Skopje.

Shannon with a Roma friend in 2009

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