Are You Busy Saturday?

I am crawling back to the land of the living. Managed a few hours in the office today and reconnected with my co-workers. I get locked up in my house and in my head and forget about the unbelievable level of coolness of the PCC staff. Great today to see Angie, Brian, Susan, Sammy, Lori, Dustin, Cheryl. I still had to come home and collapse, but their coolness rubbed off on me and I felt better.

And then Brandee showed up with cookies. And then my mom and dad showed up with homemade vegetable soup (is there anything better than A Mother’s Homemade Soup? No. I don’t think so.) And brownies.

So I’m thinking more coherently now, and realizing that I haven’t been talking about The Concert. I haven’t been thinking about The Concert, because I’ve been off in lala land.

Now I’m thinking. Now I’m talking. I am so excited!

Guess who’s coming back to sing this weekend? But ONLY Saturday night…

This weekend, we’re hosting our annual  PCC Concert. In years past, we’ve leaned into doing more radio songs for this event – some of the special, pop-culture tunes we do throughout the year. And we’ll probably put together a second event later in 2011 to focus on those tunes – bring back the Pink Floyd and the Roy Orbison and Eminem and the country songs and everything else. But this weekend?

Worship. This year, we’re focusing specifically on worship. It will be a worship experience, and it will be recorded. We have a great line-up of musicians and a terrific song list, and we’re dedicating ourselves to preparing an environment for worship.

So – get the word out. Invite your friends and neighbors. Come have church with us. Be part of the first live recording – later, when you get the cd, you’ll be able to say, “I was there!” This event will NOT be streamed – you will want to be there in person.

Call the PCC office for tickets – don‘t wait until Saturday, because the price goes up. Remember that the proceeds go to the building fund, so that we can utilize this property in the ways God has called us, for our community. We’re focusing on getting that parking lot paved. We want you there on Saturday!

I can’t wait!

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