I Know Someday I Will Be Free

Wow, huh?

If you knew Bob, you know that this is Bob. My friend Connie Kottman sketched this last week. One artist inspiring another; she says it’s white on black to symbolize him as a light in the darkness.

This sketch brought back memories for a lot of us. Bob’s first appearance on the PCC stage was to sit in this position and share a song. We wanted him to share his testimony, too, but he wouldn’t do it.

He did, however, let me do it. We walked out together and he sat down. I introduced him and then shared a few remarks (approved by him, of course) that shed light on his past.

Because he had a past. Bob Pino was living proof of repentance, redemption and restoration.

And then he sang. Bob was always resurrecting these old tunes that carried incredible weight and truth. This was one.

I know someday I will be free
The weight of sin shall be released
But for now He covers me
And though the trials never end
I’ve learned to take them as my friend
For each day He covers me
-Steve Camp, “He Covers Me”

Oh, yeah, brother. The weight of sin is now released. You are free! I can only imagine…

It’s not the same, but you can hear the song here

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