Moment: Reverb10

December 3 – Moment
Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

I am cheating a bit, because I was married on December 26 of 2009. For me, the year began on THAT DAY. Everything has pushed forward from that moment to create my year.

Our ceremony, at The Jefferson Hotel, was….well, I have typed and re-typed words. I can’t find anything that doesn’t sound gushy and ridiculous. So let me just say that it was amazing. Awesome. Incredible.

Surrounding by the best friends I’ve ever had and resting on the unyielding support of my family, we made a vow to do this, to do it forever. My heart sang.

And the best, most exquisite moment was shortly after we were properly wed. We walked through the doors into the foyer, and for a few precious breaths we had each other and only each other. We looked at each other, stunned, and said, “We’re married.”

Sarah caught a photo.

It was the best moment of the year, by far.

Not a lot of details here, but my heart remembers. And that’s what matters.


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  1. beautiful words – you've reminded me of that moment, it was strange, and yet… right. happy anniversary for the 26th!


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