My Day Off

I need to do a better job making room in my life for….well, for my life.

I don’t do Sabbath well. I think we’ve already discussed that here on this blog.

I don’t do “a day off” well, either. My boss called me out on that this week. Let me say that any job where your boss pushes you hard to “please, just take a day off! I mean it!” is a pretty good job.

There are a lot of issues here, for sure. I let my work define me. I actually do, quite simply, have a lot to do, and it’s hard to get it done in 40 hours. I work flexible time, so often it seems like I’m always working, when in fact, I’m…well….okay….

I also have control issues, like I think the world will stop if I stop.

Oddly enough, in the middle of all this I sometimes have trouble returning phone calls and keeping up with messages. Work is sometimes in the eye of the beholder, I guess; I’ll get to the end of the day and say, “Finally, I’m done!” and realize the next day that I let fifteen people languish because they expected some communication from me.


I am rambling, because it’s 1:00 AM and I am supposed to be talking about my day off.

I took one. Lounged around the house for most of the morning with my husband. Went to lunch with my husband, which included great conversation. Visited a music store with my husband and found out what a small, small world it is, after all; the store owner is from the same county I lived in back in Ohio.

Came home, had to work. Too many unexpected things popping up for the weekend that could not wait.

Took my youngest son for a haircut. Went to Target. Saw my eldest son march in a home football game. Came home and watched a movie (Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, who does a fine job capping off a day of rest for me) with my husband. Ate Ben & Jerry’s for dinner (Chocolate Fudge Brownie). Snuggled with my daughters.

My day off. It’s over.

4 thoughts on “My Day Off

  1. It both comforts me to “hear” (read) of your struggle for balance, relating to taking “days off” and sabbath times, and it also draws me from my own struggles to pray. May we BOTH/all find rest in His presence whether we work, play, and may we all surrender to His plan for us to regularly truly rest and be still ā€“ knowing He is God.
    Thanks for your honestly and transparency ā€“ I am just one sister in Christ who is encouraged by it.


  2. WELL,

    Any day with the fam, Ben & Jerry's, and Mark Wahlberg should be considered a great day off. šŸ™‚

    Glad you got some time. You continue to inspire the rest of us to remember to honor our God, our families, and our own health by doing this.

    Love you!


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