Do The Next Right Thing

Up late, uninterested in sleep. In spite of the fact that I’m sleepy.

I think the 8:30 PM iced skinny vanilla latte has something to do with it. Look, look, look! I’m AWAKE!!!

I had a great evening being creative. In fact, the entire day felt like a creative success. I had to work from home today due to car issues (since resolved). Usually, if the kids are home my work productivity is fairly limited. Today I was intentional about some focused time with David (conversation over Fruit Loops and a game of Uno, in which I was crushed) and we had a good day. Apparently Fruit Loops + Uno + plus comfy clothes + a work station that includes the couch and a coffee table = creative productivity.

Tonight I got to sing. I wasn’t in charge – I simply tried to fulfill somebody else’s vision. I put on a different hat and it felt good. It was healthy. I feel more balanced.

It’s good to receive that. Makes me think about the need to give it, too. Last week I was immersed in these words: Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.  

I want to live like that. Too often it seems to be an overwhelming impossibility. There is just too much to do, too many opportunities. Too many chances to fail.

But I read these words today, and I offered them to a friend and then realized that I needed them as much (or more) than she did. In the face of Too Much To Do, a long list of chores and seemingly overwhelming circumstances, just do the next right thing.

That sounds manageable, doesn’t it? Let’s try it.

Do the next right thing.



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  1. Those words have become my mantra during overwhelming and difficult times. A very wise friend shared those same words with me many years ago!


  2. Thanks for the reminder — sometimes we just need to focus on the step we're on.


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