Not One Thing

We are leaving for vacation in four hours. Tony is at school. It is my job to pack the Suburban, tidy up the house, gather all the beach gear, take the trash and recycling to the dump (maybe I should do that BEFORE packing up the car with our stuff…), clean the windshield and get some cash. Daniel needs to mow the front yard. The girls need to clean their room. Shannon needs to wash her clothes. I gotta make our summer music mix for the car.

We are leaving in FOUR HOURS. The kids are still in bed.

What’s wrong with this picture?

I am – ahem – enjoying my VACATION already. At the moment, that means sitting immobile with a great cup of coffee and a blank slate in front of the next few days.

It feels very, very good.

2 thoughts on “Not One Thing

  1. i typed my response and then ::poof::

    please forgive if in duplicate…

    how can you leave to go on vacation NOW, when i NEED YOU??

    i can't thank you enough for the comments you have left on my blog recently. you are a dear one, yes you are.

    when you return, could you please email me? i think there is something i need to “talk” to you about and for some reason, i don't think you'll judge me. funny thing, this internet.

    have a wonderful vacation and enjoy your family, who i hope woke up in time to leave đŸ™‚


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