Bloated, Consistent Accountability

Summer + Hot Weather + Wacky Schedules + Beth Moore = RUTH
Beth Moore
I’m doing a Bible study over the next few weeks, and you’re invited – by me and by Beth Moore.
Beth Moore is a gifted speaker, insightful teacher and dynamic personality. And she’s a blogger. She’s a major celebrity in the world of Christian culture. And while I’m prone to a bit of cynicism when it comes to Christian celebrities, this girl’s got the goods.
She’s very southern, and that’s a bent all its own – but with her passion for her topic and a genuine interest in the spiritual lives of women, she comes across as nothing bit sincere. Very southern, but sincere.
I believe Beth Moore when she talks about Jesus.
She’s got this website that has quite a following, and for a few summers now they’ve done a Bible study “together”. Blog followers are called “siestas”, which is, I think, the result of some long story about the word “sisters” and “siestas” and yada yada yada….but it’s sort of cute. So this summer, the “Siesta Bible Study” is based on the book of Ruth, from the Old Testament, using a Kelly Minter study book.
And Kelly Minter is a singer/songwriter. Musician. Writer. Girl after my own heart. Here’s a sample…
Kelly Minter
This is good stuff. Challenging.
Wanna do it with me? With the way summer schedules go, it’s tough to meet for any kind of small group or study. But there’s a common connector here with a video every two weeks, and a great, very engaging book to study.
So here’s what I’m thinking: I’m going to do this study, and hope that a few folks will do it at the same time. For those of us who are local, we can entertain the idea of getting together a couple of times during the next 12 weeks to discuss (and eat – see video for details!) For all of us – especially those who are farther apart geographically – we can discuss via Facebook.
And pray for one another.
And learn something that just might rock our worlds.
If you’re in, leave a comment here and the Ruth note on my Facebook page. And order the book! You can read the first chapter here and get a head start; the book is available here and here.

Here’s the preview video; you can hear Miss Beth herself sketch out the plan for the summer study.

And by the way; my answers to her questions?


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