So Long Self Day Three

Long day. House cleaning, yard work, furniture moving, food prep. And helium balloons.

I. Am. Tired.

Graduation tomorrow, followed by graduation party. Lots of prep today – physical and emotional.

Things I don’t know yet
How tomorrow will go
How Tony really feels about all this
Things I’m learning
To trust Shannon
That helium costs .79 per balloon at Food Lion
Things I’m praying for
My friend Bob
Smooth sailing for our entire extended family tomorrow
Things that are getting on my nerves
This bloated feeling in my stomach
Things that scare me
Not being good enough
Things that make me happy
Tony’s house, especially how beautiful the yard looks
A $25 PF Changs gift card that came in the mail today. 🙂



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  1. wow-is that Beth Brawley or Sarah Brawley in the pic. Beautiful.

    Miss that face. Miss both of those faces, actually…

    Love you.


  2. That guy Bob is a very blessed man for getting to have you as a friend….


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