So Long Self Day Two

So long self, day two.

I cooked a great dinner tonight; just threw it together and something amazing happened.

Made a new friend tonight, due to miscommunication. She was there for a meeting that didn’t happen, so she came to my meeting instead. And something amazing happened.

Via Ben Arment, just discovered some guy named Josh Garrels. No words yet, except that it’s been a while since music felt this fresh. I hear some Peter Gabriel and some sort of demented David Crowder-ish stuff happening. And a funky Duffy-esque accent. Like disco shuffle meats bleugrass indie. Love it. Something amazing happening there for sure.

Things I don’t know yet
What’s lies ahead for my friend Bob.

What time Tony will be home.
Things I’m learning
That 15 minutes of harmony can put huge smiles on the faces of some very special people.
I have to let go of Shannon.
Things I’m praying for
My friend Jackie and her family.
The next few days; busy, lots of extended family and an interesting mix of personalities.
Things that are getting on my nerves
My constant craving for food.
Not getting enough sleep.
Things that scare me
Letting go of both of my oldest girls and having to trust that they’ll be back.
Feeling so out of control when it comes to my friend’s illness.
Things that are making me happy
David Brawley, growing up.
Daniel Brawley, becoming a young man.
Sydni Brawley, blossoming into herself.

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