So Long Self Day One

If you’ll indulge me…I’m going to do a little experiment for the next week.

I’ll be making a daily post that’s about me. Of course, blogging is pretty much about the blogger, but, you know. This series of posts will be to the extreme of self-indulgence.
I tend to wear one of two hats when I blog here; either Church Leader Worship Person or Mom Of Awesome Kids.
But for the next seven days, I need to do an exercise of sorts, one that will require some navel gazing.
The good part is if you don’t like it, you can simply click on by.
Easy, right?
For the next seven days, I’m going to take a photo of myself with my Mac and post it here on this blog. I have my reasons, which will be revealed in a few days.
I’m also going to think through a few questions.
You can watch if you want to.
Things I don’t know yet
Where we’re going to live
When Tony will finish school
Things I’m learning
How to trust my friends
How to be a pastor
Things I’m praying for
Clarity on what to do about our housing situation
Healing for my friend Bob
Things that are getting on my nerves
The bad news that seems to come every single day
The BP oil spill
Things that scare me
The impact of all that oil in the ocean
Things that are making me happy
Sleeping beside an amazing man every night
Watching my 18-year-old daughter enjoy the last few days before her high school graduation

By the way, this little exercise was inspired by a blog post found here.

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