Want Some Free Stuff?

Music can be so redemptive.

Tonight, I experienced a sweet sort of redemption.

We spent four hours prepping for tomorrow’s Randy Lawson Memorial Concert. We’ve done it every year since Randy passed; he was passionate about the building plans for PCC and the concert has been a major fundraiser for several years, in honor of Randy’s desire that the church keep moving forward to reach people.

It’s a huge challenge, both from a programming and technical perspective. We’ve always tried to manage a pretty big crowd of musicians; sometime we bring in special guests. It’s always a good bit of work.

And I’ll be honest – these past few weeks have been pretty overwhelming for me personally. The challenge of the concert felt really burdensome this year. Our team has been hard at work to make it a great experience, but I was struggling to find my adrenaline.


Our redemptive moment came tonight in the midst of a ton of hard work from Matias Seibert. Technically, things moved smoothly. We did our sound checks. And then we started to play.

A few opening songs from the PCC band, and we got warmed up. Then a group of bluegrass musicians from PCC did several songs – brilliant. Perfect timing, amazing harmonies – and Lance Seal, home from college, working some banjo magic.

A few more PCC songs, designed to remember the original point of the concert – to honor a good man and preserve his memory – and have a GREAT time!

Then Mariah’s Bedroom, a band made up of PCC folks doing all original material; straight up rock and roll with great, meaningful lyrics.

Then more PCC music, ending with a worship set.

I looked around tonight and saw some amazingly talented people on the stage. I looked back and saw some intelligent and talented folks created lighting effects and putting cables and instruments in place, running sound and setting up graphics. I saw musicians I have known for years singing their hearts out – in rehearsal – and obviously enjoying every second. I watched the musicians come down off the stage and set up all of the chairs – for you. Eventually, I sang and I played and I enjoyed the tremendous gift of making music with others, focused on not only what we are creating but Who we are creating it for. Tonight’s rehearsal redeemed a long week and a good bit of anxiety.

I cannot wait for tomorrow. I think it’s going to be the best concert we’ve done.

We’re working hard. We’re ready for you. And just in case you’re on the fence about coming, I want to offer you some free tickets. We still have some available – you can pick them up at the door or contact the office to get yours tomorrow. But if you want some FREE, you can do this:

Leave a comment here. Tell me why you want these tickets.

At noon tomorrow, we’ll draw two winners. Each one will receive TWO tickets to tomorrow’s show.

And if you don’t win? Dig deep – support the building fund and Randy’s vision for PCC – and come anyway. You won’t regret it.

One thought on “Want Some Free Stuff?

  1. I would absolutely LOVE to win the 2 free tickets to our concert tomorrow night! First, I have been dying to see what everyone is raving about since Brian first posted the info on FB but have struggled because I am out of work on a medical leave of absence so I was very worried about paying for tickets. Music has always been a powerful influence in my life in general…I love to sing a beautiful song with lyrics that seem to say what's written only in my heart, and there is something so intimate about worshiping our God with song…letting the music set a mood for our praise, singing our prayers to Him, and letting the lyrics touch your heart. So, as a new member of PCC, I am very anxious to “dabble” in all the great things going on and this is just one more thing I'd love to be a part of…everyone has spoken very highly of this concert…it's been said this is something no one should miss soooo…who knows? Maybe I'll win some free tickets & get to have this experience myself! I can't wait to see what God has planned for the night! Good Luck to everyone involved! Break a leg! Lol (dont really…)


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