It’s REALLY Not About You

News flash: we have a date for the 2010 Randy Lawson Memorial Concert. Mark your calendars now for May 21st – we’re on!

I got an email from somebody today who initially wasn’t sure if their schedule would work out for them to be there for concert. Here’s what it said:

I WILL be here for the concert on 5/21. Please use me wherever you need me. I don’t have to speak or sing, but I’d love to beat the congas for a song or I can be a stage hand or whatever.

Not so remarkable in light of all the folks at PCC who love to serve, who give countless hours of their time, talent and resources to make all sorts of great things happen around the church. Lots of folks have great attitudes; they rearrange their schedules; they give up vacation time; they offer to serve anywhere needed.
But this email is remarkable in another context. It might surprise some of you. It might mess with your assumptions. It might defy your expectations.
Read it again, and note the willingness to “beat the congas for a song” or “be a stage hand” or “whatever”.
See, lots of folks have this preconceived notion about church. Specifically, about church leadership. They assume that certain folks within the organized structure of the church sort of “reign” over the others. They think that some folks hold to a loftier position than others. They assume that people in more prominent positions are interested in acclaim and reward, financial gain or status. They assume that high-profile leaders set themselves apart from more “menial” tasks to focus on dong things that keep them in the limelight, keep the applause on themselves, make themselves and their efforts look good.
That’s not PCC. That’s not how it works here.
Have you been around Powhatan Community Church for a few weeks or longer? How many times have you heard Brian Hughes – our senior pastor – say, “It’s not about you” ?
He means it. He lives it. Not just out in front, preaching from the platform; but behind the scenes, in an email volunteering his help for one of the biggest events of the year.

Brian with his daughter, Mary Ashleigh.

Brian, I imagine we’ll have something for you to do. And since very few people speak as well as you do, we’ll probably ask you to do that. But maybe you ought to plan to bring your gloves and play some percussion with us…or be a stage hand…or whatever…


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  1. More people should think like this…awesome!


  2. Hey Mrs Stoddard,

    I'm not much on physical help right now…and I'm not sure I'll be able to sing..(breathing has become an assisted task)which has been an honor for me to do a couple of times at this concert….but I promise you this….I can pray!!!!! And I will!

    I know that you and the team will provide us with an awesome outreach opportunity as some of the best Worship Music in VA.

    Thanks for all you guys do to use your gifts for Christ!!!
    I vote Brian to Sing!!!!


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