Pain Given Dignity

I believe this is true.

“When we stay bitter, we don’t grow, and we don’t help the people around us. What God wants to do with our pain is turn it into ministry, into an empathy that will heal others. Some of the darkest seasons in your life may turn into a gift for somebody else. And if we are willing to allow our pain and hardship to be used to help others, our pain is given dignity.”

Donald Miller said it.

Do you believe it?

5 thoughts on “Pain Given Dignity

  1. Yes. I believe that to be true. I wish we had a few more like Donald Miller at work inside the dome at our nation's Capital Building. Maybe they wouldn't be so polarized and gridlocked all the time.

    He also said: “It doesn’t seem like the Bible is attempting to present a comprehensive moral code. I know many will disagree, but I only question this because as you read it, that’s not what any of the authors seem to have had in mind, so I wonder why God would create a comprehensive moral code in historical narrative, poetry, opera, epistles and prophesy, and rarely stop to actually deliver a comprehensive moral code in an obvious way. Perhaps God likes delivering ideas in puzzles?”

    Definately an outside the box type thinker.


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