Don’t Come Alone

Easter is this weekend. Often, people think about attending a church service, even if they don’t go any other time of the year.

I bet you know somebody who is considering going to church this Sunday.

Don’t come alone.

PCC Services: 9AM and 11AM at the Powhatan Campus
9:30AM at the Westchester Campus (in the Regal Cinema)

For more info, check out the website or call the office at 804.598.1174



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  1. heya beth,

    i should be able to handle it… i just haven't had time in the last two evenings to sit down and work, and i should have that this evening. the things you need from me shouldn't take much time, and the other project i've got for pcc i've got a decent amount of time to do it in… things have just been so crazy recently! if it turns out that i just don't have time, i'll let you know! but like i said, should be able to tackle that this afternoon/evening 🙂

    thanks for being so awesome and the like. 🙂 love you!


  2. Beth, I'm glad y'all have gotten moved into the new building! Your excitement, as always, is infectious! Have a glorious Easter!

    My word verification is m-a-g-i-c!


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