Can You Go Shopping For PCC?

We are so excited about having a facility from which we can do ministry in the community. The new Powhatan Campus of PCC is still a work in progress, but it’s been great to have a place to gather. We’ve already helped Powhatan High School host an event (a Winter Guard competition), had three Sunday services and one wedding. The offices are coming together and there’s lots of ministry work happening on a day to day basis.

This week we’ll celebrate our first Easter in this facility. It ought to be a great day!
There’s plenty that still needs to be done; one quick glance down the hallway makes that clear! Bit by bit, we are challenging one another – and YOU – to help pitch in to not only honor our commitments to the building fund (contact the office if you’re not participating in the REACH campaign – you need to be part of this!) but also help out in extra ways.
And here’s a great opportunity. We’re in the process of preparing the kitchen for events that require food. Who doesn’t love a chance to eat at church?
Please walk down the main hallway this week and grab a “gift tag” off the door. You can purchase the item on your tag on your next trip to Target, Walmart or Sam’s Club; bring it back to the church and know that you’ve played a part in stocking the kitchen for future fun!
And if you see Cathy Rusch, give her a high five. She’s organizing and stocking the kitchen so that she can continue to do amazing things like what she’s put together for the past three weeks. Cathy has provided breakfast – including juice, coffee, fresh fruit and hot breakfast food – for the early morning volunteers, many of whom arrive before 7:00 AM and stay until after 1:00. It’s a great way to honor the musicians, shuttle drivers, greeters, set up crew, tech team and others who work hard to make Sunday happen. Cathy is AWESOME in our book!
Cathy and her beautiful daughter Katie

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