"I Don’t Have A Choice, But I Still Choose You"

Posting this because it breaks my heart.

Music has that power, to take us into a story that we don’t even know, and within 300 seconds reshape our understanding of a moment.
Great art holds up a mirror to our souls. A simple lyric, an ostinato on one string, the rawness of the human voice and a little dissonance. Grace. Aural grace.
I think that Kim will like this, and Jayne and Jenn and Hope and Mary Elizabeth and Angie. I hope they soak in its grace today.
HT to my brother for his impeccable musical taste and guidance.


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  1. beautiful.

    Isn't it crazy how ONE note is all it takes to captivate you?!

    Love this.

    Thank you, friend.


  2. Wow, music has always had the ability to captivate me. I feel like I am there experiencing the emotions of the writer and performer.

    Love that song!

    Thanks, Beth.


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