Tips For A Great Honeymoon

Let me tell you how to do an awesome honeymoon.

1. Beach house.
2. No schedule.
3. Movies. Three in one week – all stellar. So far, we’ve seen “The Blind Side”, “It’s Complicated” and “Avatar”. Awesome, each one.
4. No schedule.
5. Food. Oh, the food. So much food. Gained back every pound I lost before the wedding, and more. But worth it? YES.
6. No schedule.
7. Cocoa Krispies.
8. A lighthouse.
9. Touristy stuff – museums, aquariums, etc.
10. No schedule.
11. No wi-fi in the afore-mentioned beach house.
12. No schedule.
13. Naps, as needed.
14. No schedule.
15. Keep your best friend/spouse close at hand, 24/7.
16. At least six times a day, look at each other and say, “OMG. WE’RE MARRIED!!!!”

We have had such an amazing, wonderful, blessed week. Feeling so full of gratitude….

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