PCC Online – Live Worship Tomorrow

Big news around here:

All of VA is snowed in. Everything is cancelled.
Including church services tomorrow.
Tune in tomorrow for our first ever LIVE STREAMING WORSHIP EXPERIENCE!
Church, online, via the amazing power of the internet.
You’ll be able to watch a little bit of worship and Brian’s message – live – from the comfort of your home.
Check out this site – tune in tomorrow at 11:00 AM for the service. You’ll be able to log in and chat with other folks via text – just like AIM, Facebook or gmail chat.
We’re excited about using this technology for the Kingdom. It’s an experiment – so bear with us if it looks like we’re not sure what we’re doing! We’re just willing to try WHATEVER IT TAKES.
PCC 2.0 – here we go!
Find the site now at www.ustream.tv/channel/pcconline. You can go ahead and log-in to enable chat and you’ll be ready for tomorrow!

Whiteboard, Anyone?

In May of 2008 part of our staff team travelled north to attend the first Whiteboard Sessions. Created by Ben Arment, it was a new concept of hearing short talks from a great lineup of leaders and pastors.

It was a great time. I met a blogging friend – a great writer and inspiring pastor – in real life. Had a great lunch at Maggianos. Heard Perry Noble for the first time and was simultaneously offended, intrigued and inspired. Met Tim Stevens and picked up a copy of “Pop Goes the Church”.
I really enjoyed it and felt it was well-worth the investment of one day. Heard some great and inspiring words from some fascinating people, and had a great time with my co-workers.
Since then, Ben Arment has relocated (twice, I think) and done some other stuff. He’s back in VA now.
And The Whiteboard Sessions are back.
Jonathan Falwell. Perry Noble. Al Mohler. Carlos Whitaker. Tony Morgan. Jon Tyson. Eric Mason. James McDonald.
I’m just saying…..

As Sweet As Honey?

One of the most fascinating components of communication via the internet is the ability for a conversation to continue after an event. I’ve seen it – and participated – in real-time commenting on awards shows, the concert for Haiti, the inauguration and other occasions.

I love how it happens on Sundays, as well, after church. It’s intriguing to see people post their thoughts and reactions on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. I’m especially interested because it offers me a bit of feedback on the service.
Often, someone will connect the dots in a way that reveals something new to me.
Yesterday, my friend Connie did just that. She and I were both present at two events yesterday where we heard excellent communicators unpack different Biblical texts. Connie drew a few lines and put together a good blog post that made me think.
Check it out here. You’ll like it.

My friend Connie and her husband, Tom.

Help Haiti – Rejoice!

Yeah, I know. Haiti, Haiti, Haiti.

But life goes on there. Life and death.
If you haven’t seen this on the news yet, please watch. Over seven days, buried in rubble, and yet the human spirit perseveres.
Your heart will quake – in a good way.

Have you ever seen such a smile?

"I Don’t Have A Choice, But I Still Choose You"

Posting this because it breaks my heart.

Music has that power, to take us into a story that we don’t even know, and within 300 seconds reshape our understanding of a moment.
Great art holds up a mirror to our souls. A simple lyric, an ostinato on one string, the rawness of the human voice and a little dissonance. Grace. Aural grace.
I think that Kim will like this, and Jayne and Jenn and Hope and Mary Elizabeth and Angie. I hope they soak in its grace today.
HT to my brother for his impeccable musical taste and guidance.

One At A Time

Over a week later, Haitians are still struggling.

Don’t forget about them.
Please continue to pray. Contribute funds. Stay informed. Read this post to catch a glimpse of how God’s people continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are in desperate need.
My prayer is that God would pour showers of grace over Haiti. It’s hard to know what else to pray for; the need is so great. I heard an interview on NPR this morning; an aid worker said the key to helping in Haiti is to realize that you can’t save Haiti – but you can help people, one at a time.
Don’t forget.
Add your contribution to that of the PCC family through our website; click the “Online Giving” tab and 100% of your donation will go directly to Haiti Earthquake Disaster relief. Click here to help.