Why Do You Go To Church?

Mark Batterson is a wise man.

Here’s something he said this week:

“I think one of the primary problems we face in Western Christianity is the simple fact that so many people view going to church as an end instead of a means to an end. Let me explain. For those who subconsciously view church as an end in and of itself, going to church is the way they do their religious duty. They check church off the religious list. But do you really think God’s ultimate dream for our lives is to sit in a pew for ninety minutes?

Going to church isn’t an end. It’s a means to an end. The real test is how we live out our faith Monday to Friday. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Church is the locker room talk or the boardroom talk. Choose your metaphor. It’s not the game. It’s not the business. It prepares us for the game of life, the business of life.”

What do you think? What does going to church mean in your life?


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  1. Church to me is my weekly pep ralley…or to put it in to a food analogy…which are my favorites…It's the Cheese cake wedge dripped with dark choc and crushed almonds.

    People who view church as something on a to do list don't have the kind of intimate relationship with Christ that He wants to have with them. Walking in His Word everyday, putting on the armor that He gives us and walking through the battlefield of life gives you an entirely different perspective on church.

    When we are at PCC on Sunday morning Praising Him it is so awesome to see the people around you who have made it through the week and now are being rejuvinated by the music, the preaching and the fellowship.

    Want church to mean more to you….come hungry for Christ and feed on Him everyday…not just an hour on Sunday!!!


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