Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

“I tend to be a little suspicious when I hear someone refer to large, vague categories of people. We often speak of “the poor” and “the rich,” as though those groups had unionized and were meeting regularly to decide policy and organize action committees. “If only the rich would be more generous,” one person bemoans, while a another says, “If only the poor would take advantage of their opportunities.” I’ve got news for you. The rich and the poor will never act in one accord because there are no such groups. There are only people. Some are rich, some are poor, most are in between, and all of them are individuals. And in the end, I believe that loving individual people is our first and highest calling.”

Via Milton’s blog, from Gordon’s blog.



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  1. I could have written this…. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! THIS is how I feel. If we all just loved ALL the people, our world would be “a better place”. Because God IS loves and wants US to be love… so this makes COMPLETE sense. If we showed everyone MORE love, there would be MORE God in our lives, and consequently, Life would be GOOD. GREAT. ALL the time…

    Okay…Kelley's two cents for the day….



  2. Preach it sister!


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