Just saw this awesome video.

A young violinist, in her first rock-n-roll gig.
Playing with her dad.
Who happens to be my brother.
Which makes her my neice.
I’m flapping my hands, and processing a priceless combination of pride, love and something I can’t even name. Except it has something to do with the gift of song and love for my family. And it brings a huge smile to my face.



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  1. I heart Whiskeytown!

    I think your brother is so cool.

    I think your niece is cooler. 😉

    Wow. Wow. Too bad I don't have some of that Case gene in me…the talent runs deep.

    Loved this.


  2. Watch Out Allison Krause!
    I like your brother, but noone can touch you hornsby! what a family!


  3. I actually clapped at the end. 🙂

    This is beautiful in so many ways, including all the ones you can't figure out how to name. Give a girl a sense of being a part of something beautiful and bigger than herself. Wow.

    PLUS ALSO a merch table.


  4. Wow! The Case family certainly swims deep in the musical gene pool! Emily is an awesome young violinist.
    Y'all need to do one giant family concert someday. I mean it. Some sort of fundraiser…and of course, the merch table. Think about it.


  5. So cool! I can see why you would be proud!


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