Good Times

This week has been entirely too much good stuff.

Good conversation.
Good sleep.
Good laughter.
Good movie (well…maybe. Have you seen Hamlet 2?)
Good weather.
Good sun (meaning NO SUNBURNS).
Good games – hello, Bananagrams! I love you!
Good coffee.
Good morning conversations.
Good homemade ice cream.
Good walks – four miles every day with my sister-in-law.
Good meals – again, my sister-in-law, who has created some memorable meals. Vegetarian enchiladas. Rice bowls. Grilled tilapia. And, of course, my mom’s famous ribs. I haven’t done much cooking, but I made this cake…

This has been a wonderful vacation.

6 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. Amazing!

    You and the cake match: your shirt matches the raspberries and the light brown frosting matches your hair. This could be the cover of your first cookbook.

    glad you are home.


  2. You're lookin good there, Sunshine! Would you believe I had a rasberry /choclate cake for our son's birthday tonight!! I'll blog it up tomorrow. To long no blog…thanks for the inspiration and kick in the buttocks!


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