Study Break, Part One

I’m on study break this week.

Tomorrow – Monday – is planned as a technology-free day.  That means no internet, no tv, no cell, no twitter, no nothing.
However, there are a few things as yet undone that have to be tidied up in order to preserve my mental sanity for the remainder of this week.  So I might have to aim for Tuesday for my fast.
Here’s some of what I hope to accomplish this week:
Ha.  Go ahead, laugh.  But I can’t wait to dig in.
By the way, I had an incredible moment during my five hour drive.  It’s been a long time since a piece of music moved me to tears.  Now, I’ve been pretty amped up for the past five days, so I’ll grant that it might be more about my hormonal state of exhaustion and perhaps just a need to cry.  (If you’re female, I know you understand that.)
But I popped this cd in on my drive, and as it unfolded, I just couldn’t help it.  My heart was just torn to bits.  There’s something so authentic and genuine and raw about these songs; I want the entire world to hear it.  
So pick up a copy, willya?  I can’t afford to buy it for everybody.

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