Snow Day!

We got snow last night – a big load!  It’s the biggest and best snowfall we’ve seen in Virigina since we arrived five years ago!  

We tried to dig up snow pants and coats – unfortunately, most of what we have has been outgrown.  Gloves and mittens were hard to find as well.
But we made the best of it and the kids have had a great time playing outside.
No power at our house, so we’ve relocated to my parents’ place for a day.  Or two.  Rumor has it that today’s Snow Vacation will be extended to a two-day break.  It might be tough, being gone for two days from home with nothing to do.

Except Mom and Dad have cable.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Indeed….every district that I know have exceeded their 5 day calamity day limit…..although judging by these pictures…it’s another example of the Brawleys turning lemons….into lemonade! We love you and will likely be seeing you in June!


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