My Valentine’s Day

I slept in.  From 8:30 – 9:00ish, I had a very weird dream.  Wrigley Field was in Kansas.  Kim Bontrager was showing me around the state, riding on a tiny train – like the kind you take around the zoo.  It was all good until we went down a very steep hill and I realized the train was some sort of roller coaster.  Kim insisted it was normal.

It was extraordinarily strange.
On to real life:  I headed to the County Seat Restaurant, reknowned for their weekend breakfast buffet.  My parents showed up, unexpected but cheerful.  We shared a cup of coffee together.
I got in the car with The Man of Many Surprises.  We headed west.  That’s all I knew.
Listened to Bruce Hornsby the whole way, wondering how I ever missed this guy.  Incredible musician, unbelieveably creative…anyway, on we drove.
Right around Charlottesville, we exited the highway and headed up the mountain.  I realized our destination:

We were at Monticelllo.  I was thrilled!  I’ve wanted to go ever since my first trip with the kids up to Carters Mountain.

We wandered the grounds for a few hours, listening to the Oprah-like saga of Sally Hemings’ daliances with Thomas Jefferson and the subsequent DNA testing results, visiting gravestones, checking out walls and gardens and 200-year old fireplaces.  The house tour was remarkable.
I left anxious to get my hands on that biography about Jefferson, or maybe ready to set aside time to watch the mini-series.  The entire experience was fascinating, well-done and a testimony to the right way to preserve history.  If you haven’t done Monticello, put it on your short list.  
It was a stellar day, capped off with a Snickers Blizzard.
Oh, yeah – then I got home and saw that my girls had cleaned the house.  People, it just doesn’t get better than that.
Color me content.



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  1. oh. my. gosh. how did you… why was I…. ?!?!?!?!I know. It’s prophetic. Kansas is shrinking!!! get the heck off the train!!!! I’m glad your day got redeemed for the magical. Sounds like an amazing day. I’m so happy for you. You deserve it!!


  2. I agree, Monticello is beautiful!! The majority of Charlottesville is pretty gorgeous I must say.


  3. So this is waht you shared with me….I see the reason for your excitement. Thomas Jefferson’s home with the Man of Many Surprises! You are a blessed gal indeed. Pat and I would love this as well. Maybe we’ll have the chance in June.


  4. What a neat and unusual way to spend Valentine’s Day! I would never have thought of visiting TJ’s home on such a day, but it’s very cool. AND coming home to a clean house. And the good eats. Very nice.


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