Sunday Setlist 2.8.09

Church was good.  About 30 people stuck around for PCC 101 afterwards, where they learn about our mission, our focus, our values and why we do what we do.  Why we are who we are.  Where we came from.  How we got here.

And we heard from them, too.  Which is humbling and stunning.
In big church, we did Pretty Woman for the pre-service music.  Yeah.  Roy Orbison.  Check that one off on the ‘songs I never imagined we’d do in church’ list.  Our 10B4 video followed, which was chock full of good information.
We were down a few vocalists, but our team did a great job.  The band was excellent.
Today Is The Day Lincoln Brewster
Love the Lord again, Lincoln Brewster
Just thought we’d do a double dip of Lincoln Brewster tunes today.  Our guitar player loved it, and he played great.
The Stand Hillsong
Haven’t done this one in a while; it sounded great today.  Powerful worship.
We showed a short video clip of our What Not to Wear shopping trip with our pastor, after which he came out in his new clothes, looking trendy and cool.  The message, the first in our series You Can’t Handle the Truth (props to our girl Connie Kottman for the cool graphic!), was about appearances.  We dressed him differently just to prove a point.  He’d spent all of yesterday in bed with the stomach flu, so the fact that he was even there, with a sermon in hand, was impressive.
We closed with a powerful video called Perception.  The whole story of this is a testimony to the power of social networking; my daughters have been aware of this video for a while, and have found it very moving.  When we began to plan this service, they mentioned it again.  Our original creative element (a drama) fell through, so we took a second look at this piece.
We found it on Godtube/Tangle, but couldn’t locate it on any of the regular video outlets.  We saw the producer’s name – Nick Caster – but Google searches for him were fruitless.
Enter Facebook; we found Nick there, added him as a friend and started some dialogue.  He generously offered to overnight the dvd to us.  It arrived Friday, we got it ready and used it.  We are indebted and very grateful. We’ve embedded the video here – check it out.
We encouraged folks to check out a short Bible study we’re doing called Rise Above the Reflection, focused on 5th – 7th grade girls, designed to help them discover the truth about their image, as God sees them.
It was a powerful day.  
This post is part of the Sunday Setlist carnival over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.  Check it out!

I’m not sure exactly went on in Power Jam this morning, but that’s my boy. And his best friend.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist 2.8.09

  1. POWERJAM….This month we are studying FAIRNESS…so we kicked off February with a “fair”. Fairness..fair.. get it??As the mother of your boy’s best friend… love these kids!!!And I love POWERJAM!! THe youth ruled in the band today too!!!


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