God Is A God Of New

Our community is full of people who have tasted the freedom that comes with God’s love and decided to follow Him; sometimes tentatively, sometimes with wild abandon.  Regardless of how your relationship with Christ is growing and forming, many of us still struggle with things we wish we’d done differently.

Wanting to be better.
Wanting to achieve some sort of status in the perceived hierarchy of “Good Christian Behavior”.
We try to get better.  And we find ourselves frustrated by our inability to improve.
Some of us are making great strides in this area, working through difficult issues, asking ourselves hard questions, humbling ourselves enough to hear the answers, finding healing and forgiveness.  And then turning around to share it with others.
Some of us still wander in the darkness far too often.
Jon Acuff writes an often funny, often sarcastic blog.  Recently he posted about his struggle to try and fix himself.
It’s powerful.
It’ll make you think.
It might change the entire direction of your relationship with Jesus.
Go read here.  And let me know what you think.

One thought on “God Is A God Of New

  1. Can I just say, I love this man?!?! I follow his blog-it makes me laugh, cry, and most importantly think. I’ve even read some of his blog to The Green Room when they fit into our discussion.Long live the “side hug”


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