8 thoughts on “Just Curious…For A Reason…

  1. get a tattoo, get a lip ring, drop out of school, travel to see england, japan, and switzerland at least, see mae in concert. by then, i’d be tired of traveling and i’d come home and spend my last days with my family and friends.…or something like that.i don’t know what i’d do if the doc told me i only had 30 days to live.i’d freak out, i bet.


  2. I would make amends with every single person I’ve ever wronged, stolen from, or talk bad behind their back about. Then I would plant a couple of illegal shrubs… Other than that I would make sure to pray every moment and be thankfull to God for giving me the time to right a lot of wrongs turns that I’ve made before I die.


  3. I would make a video of myself to give to my boy so as he gets older, he would know more about me and have some fatherly advice when he needs it. I would spend half of the time I had left with my family and friends here and the other half with my family and friends in South Africa. I would definitely spend some serious time in prayer, thanking God for the life he has given me.


  4. I would spend time with my family.I would get my affairs in order. I would pray — alot — with anyone and everyone around me.I would seek forgiveness.I would write creative stuff and also letters to my children and husband. Like Ray, I would also make some videos. I would paint pictures. I would give away as much of my stuff as possible. I would spend a lot of time reading God’s Word and preparing myself for meeting Him.


  5. I’d apologize a lot more, laugh until it hurt each day, write letters to each person that I’d be leaving, so thank you more, say I love you more, hug my loved ones with tight, long embraces, I’d probably cry because I love this life, I’d talk to God even more, and I’d spend a lot of time with my mama. I’d also begin giving away my “stuff” to people who really need it. I think I’d also make scrapbooks for the different areas/people in my life. To leave behind some physical reminder of how good this life is. Then the excitement would probably set in-God, Jesus, Heaven..all of those things that we, Christians, talk about, think about, and dream of.Wow. Life is better than I even thought. Good question. 🙂~Mary Elizabeth


  6. Allow my house to get messy and quit doing anything that doesn’t matter. I’d wrap my husband and my little boys up in a blanket and cuddle them until they fell asleep.And I’d pray that I’d stay awake for those 30 days so I wouldn’t miss anything.


  7. Take my baby girl to Disney World.. just her and I (ok she isn’t a baby, but she is MY baby) and make a very special lasting memory for her. Like others, I would make her a video and I would do a lot of writing of my feelings to my loved ones and friends (I am not good at verbalizing my feelings). I would spend every day with someone I love doing nothing but sharing time. I wouldnt’ want to tell anyone that my time was up though.. so I’d probably write up my wishes for my “stuff”.I would smoke for 30 days (OK so I am not over it yet!). Most importantly, I would beg my husband to seek the Lord with all his might.. I would have to know that I would see him again with my Father in Heaven.


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