I cracked Shannon’s laptop open this afternoon to do a bit of work on her machine and discovered this amusing picture as her desktop wallpaper. Last week during the homecoming festivities, Shannon signed up on play Powder Puff football. Her siblings organized a core of suppporters who showed up willing to a) bare their midriffs and b) paint a letter on said midriff. I saw them all getting ready, even drove them around and helped get them organized – but I didn’t get the full effect of the ‘cheer’ until I saw this picture.

Just in case you need assistance, that’s brother as the’H’, sister as the ‘a’, other sister as the ‘O’ and baby brother as the exclamation point.

That’s some spirit.



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  1. that is…and i love how david is the ! ahahaha. i miss you and your family. 😦


  2. Working in a high school for 15 years, I never missed a Powder Puff game. I loved it!And I’m sure Shannon was tickled with her supporters!


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