To Be Loved…

Pete Wilson is a pastor in Nashville, a husband and a father.

And a very honest blogger.
If you’ve ever wrestled with the debilitating desire to be loved, to be accepted at any cost, to find your value in others’ opinions (hey – I KNOW who you are!), you will be encouraged and perhaps challenged by this post.  Here’s just a snippet of Pete’s honest confession of his struggle:
I would ignore the sincere compliments of others to be obsessed with the few critics.
I would abandon my boundaries and go above and beyond to “help” someone while ignoring my family. (ouch!)
I would put off the tough leadership decisions trying to keep all sides content.

Check out Pete’s blog – click here.
You’re welcome.


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  1. Didn’t resonate with me not one bit, nope, not one iota, zippo, nada… (winky, wink). :c)Thanks for sharing this Beth. Boy, am I a work in progress lately.


  2. How does this guy know so much about me?


  3. Tommy, I’ve been reading your mail. 🙂


  4. and I thought for sure you were talking to me?? guess lots of your friends have the need to be loved at all costs, huh?


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