Sunday Setlist 9.14.08

This post is part of the Sunday Setlist carnival hosted by Fred McKinnon.

Yesterday was a good day!  We continued our series called ‘What’s Going On’ with a look at God’s perspective on our stuff and our finances.  Brian did a good job with a message that still had me thinking this morning.
Here’s how it went:
Everywhere That I Go – Israel Houghton.  We love this song, and Matt – our guitar player – killed the intro.  Awesome!
You’re Worthy of My Praise – Passion.  I’m partial to the first version of this from the Passion Better Is One Day cd.  I actually attended that event in Fort Worth – I was blown away by the live band and Louie Giglio and the incredible privilege of worshiping next to my brother.  God stirred something in me through the music and the teaching that stuck with me for a long time.  One of our newer vocalists led this song – David G – and he did a terrific job!
Small Group Connect – this video was in house, just a few shots of our small groups doing their small group thing – loving and hugging and squeezing and laughing and all that.  Sammy – associate pastor for small groups – came out afterwards to invite folks to get involved.
The first service we were way short – came up six minutes early, in fact – so for the second service I added an impromptu solo piano version of It Is Well With My Soul
Our baptism is next Sunday; to promote it, I put together the video that is posted here.  We showed the video with a line of individuals across the front of the stage.  As their pertinent fact came up on the screen, they ‘stepped out’, waved or pointed or did some sort of gesture or movement that was comfortable for them, then stepped back.  Several guys stepped forward on the ‘China’ bit – they are, seriously, trying to go to China in December after feeling a prompting from God this past summer.  Anyway – at the end, on the ‘Was baptized at Powhatan Community Church’ line, they all stepped up and waved.  There was cheering and rejoicing.  It worked.  
To bump the message, we put together a 30 second montage of bad news from various networks – mostly financial soundbites.  
Towards the end of the message, we showed this M&M’s Video from Granger Community Church.  It got a GREAT response from the congregation – highly recommended as a gentle way to remind folks about giving control of their resources to God and living out the truth of Matthew 6.26.  By the way, this was a last minute addition to our plan – a Saturday afternoon find that worked out perfectly, thanks to a flexible tech crew and good attitudes all around.
We ended with a tune that Brian had discovered called Don’t You Worry by Jonathan Butler.  Killer song, great vibe – a great chance to send folks out happy, with a terrific opportunity for some killer background vocals.  We had a superb team on hand to work those out, with great execution by our bass player and the lead vocalist.
It was a very good day, all the way around.  
If you’re a PCC reader, I’d love some feedback from YOU – what did YOU think?  What worked?  What didn’t work so well?  What did you ‘take home’ from the service?  Your input helps guide us in our planning, so go ahead and let me know!
By the way – can somebody tell me how link to these songs on iTunes?  Can’t figure it out…



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  1. loved your “lazy day” creation when seen in real life…very powerful. dave did a wonderful job leading worship and one of my favorite songs ever is “it is well”. you did a great job. we have been heavy in video’s lately but all seem good, just a lot of them. all in all, good service! m oh, matt did a great job!


  2. I loved the whole thing! Because I had been to the Wednesday practice, I kind of felt like I had the ‘inside scoop’! (It doesn’t take a lot for me!) My absolute favorite part was ‘It is Well’. You seemed to be completely wrapped up in the message and feeling of the song. It felt like you were sharing a personal moment with all of us and I felt blessed to have witnessed it! It was kind of hard to hear Christian at the end. I don’t know if the music was too loud or he was too soft, but it was a little hard to understand him in parts of it. Still great though!


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