Final Summer Fling

We’ve been coming to Emerald Isle for as many years as I can remember. At some point, we created a tradition that has endured: The Bridge Song.

Here’s the deal. When you cross the bridge from the mainland to the island, you have to be singing. Loudly. Windows down, speakers cranked. And it can’t just be any song – no, it has to be carefully selected as a tune that will mark the summer season.

Last year (or maybe two years ago?) I remember crossing the bridge rocking out to Big Girls You Are Beautiful by Mika. It was a hoot.

This year, about halfway down, somebody announced that they knew what our song would be for this trip. No question, no argument.

It was “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers.

So, when we hit the bridge, the singing commenced. Check out Daniel’s ever-so-groovy Diet Pepsi microphone.

If you look closely at the pictures, you’ll notice the grass and the trees outside the window. Obviously, we weren’t on the bridge at this point.

But we were singing.

Once we got here, we ran to the beach. Right away. Instantly. Even though David had to go to the bathroom somewhat desperately. It’s another tradition – beach first. Say hello to the ocean.

Sarah had her camera, of course, and began snapping shots in the early evening light. Here are a few:

Me and my baby girls…

I actually took this one…I love how the girls are looking one way and the boys headed another…

David is not a big fan of salt water. His preference has been to ride his bike..

Kicked off sandals…a great picture of the final days of summer…



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  1. Isn’t crazy how fast the summer goes by?


  2. Cool tradition.The closest we had was singing “Suwanee River” going on the bridge over said river in Florida…


  3. Those are the most awesome pictures! Esp. the one of you and your girls… except of course that it is missing the other beautiful one! Sounds like an awesome trip and memory making.


  4. Great photos! I hope y’all have a wonderful final summer fling!


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