Sunday Setlist

Per Fred McKinnon’s ginormous influence on the universe, I’m changing the ‘Worship Confessional’ tag to ‘Sunday Setlist’.

Whatever we call it, here’s the recap of yesterday’s service, which was called ‘You’ve Got to Get Some Rest’. Week 145 in the Big Stories of the Bible summer series.

Okay, not 145…but we’re winding down.

Anyway, here you go:

Praise Your Name – Todd Fields Great, energetic opener. Cool guitar parts.
Enough – Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio We pulled from the Barlow Girl version but pushed it really hard. In the past, we’ve programmed this song to be more contemplative, but yesterday we tried to rock it, make it more of a declaration.
Lord You Have My Heart – Martin Smith/Delirious Great song – haven’t done it here before, so it was nice to pull it out. I love the syncopation of the verse melody contrasted with the “I will praise You, Lord/I will sing of love come down” in the chorus.
Nobody There But Me – Bruce Hornsby GREAT song for independence/accountability/responsibility. We used it to point towards the fact that every individual is responsible for their spiritual life – including the fact that you have to make room for rest. We didn’t belabor the point – we just did the song, but I think it worked. Had a new sax player who did a great job with the tune; very bluesy, in three, worked great.
VIDEO – KEVIN’S DAY OFF – We produced this in house and I hope to have it here soon for you to see. It was one of the best pieces we’ve ever produced. We followed Kevin (yesterday’s teaching pastor) to Richmond and got shots of him tooling around the city on a Segway. As the short clip ended and the lights came up, Kevin rolled up to the stage on the Segway. Then he preached. It was pretty cool.
Rest – Big Daddy Weave We closed with this tune, which was challenging first service, because I set the introduction in halftime and proceeded to lead the entire tune the same way. Our vocalist had every right to kill me, but he muddled through, improvised and we got through it. Second service was better. I love it when God keeps me humble.

As we dismissed folks, we drew a name from the welcome cards and gave away a half-day guided tour of the city – on Segways – courtesy of the fine folks at Segway of Richmond. Those things are way cool. They set up in the parking lot and gave free demo rides to any and all who wanted one in between services.

It was a cool day.

I’m playing ‘Sunday Setlist’ with other worship leaders – you can see who else is participating here.



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  1. Sweet idea with the Segways. I wish I had visited your church when we lived in Richmond. 🙂And we did Praise Your Name as the opener too. Sweet!


  2. hahaha – influence, what influence! Seriously, you can still call it a “Worship Confessional” if you like, Sunday Setlists isn’t meant to take the place of the WC … it’s just a way to bring’em all together!“Praise Your Name” – saw that on SEVERAL of our setlists.Bruce Hornsby – are you kidding? I don’t know that song, but will have to check it out – I LOVE me some BH.For the Kingdom,Fred McKinnonhttp://www.fredmckinnon.com


  3. i wish i could’ve seen the segways! did anyone from my family ride one? i should prolly ask next time i talk to my mother…


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