Estelle Getty died today. She was always my favorite Golden Girl, I think. Innocent, yet feisty enough to hold her own. It made me sad to hear of her passing. I loved that show, and always associated it with my grandmother; there were bits and pieces of her in every character.

And who could forget these great words, penned by Andrew Gold?

“Thank you for being a friend
We’ve traveled down the road and
back again

Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a

Tell me – who among you knows the next verse?


I thought so.

By the way, forgive me if this offends, but dudes and dudettes: I have lost EIGHT FRICKIN’ POUNDS!!!! Can I hear an ‘amen’????

There’s something about the Diet-That’s-Not-A-Diet that works. Maybe it’s the supplements, maybe its the cran-water – maybe it’s just not eating so danged much. But I feel good in terms of the former snugness of my garments. And even better, I feel really good inside – like HEALTHY kind of good. Like I’m living the way God made me to live. Like I’m taking good care of myself.

Seriously, mentally, physically and spiritually, I feel more alive and like myself than I have in a long time. I told someone today that trying to alter my eating habits through this “Fat Flush” thing was the best decision I’d made since I came to work for PCC.


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  1. She was defintely the best of the golden girls. It’s sarcasm like her’s that made me talk back to my folks as a child.Mega props on the lost eight pounds. And what is a “Fat Flush”? Is it a diet?


  2. I need that prescription. Fat Flush sounds easy. I’ve been uncomforable this summer and need some tips!Sorry I’ve been away…haven’t read blogs in several weeks. You sound good, Beth.


  3. I THINK the words are…“And if you gave a party And invited everyone you knowYou would see that the best would be from me…and the card on it would say..Thank you for being a friend.”Man, you’re going to make me look that up now. Foot!I need to go to bed!(grumbling as she goes)


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