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Jakob Dylan has escaped my attention for most of his career. I’ve heard a few songs from the Wallflowers, and of course I know who his daddy is – but I’ve never listened to his music with any intentionality.

A few days ago a friend sent me a sample tune from this record, and tonight while I was looking for something at Barnes & Noble, I heard the song again – but I couldn’t place it! I texted a sample of the lyric to myself so I could hunt it down, and then had a brilliant idea; I ran to the music department.

“Who is this?”

It was Jakob Dylan – the same song I’d received, ‘On Up the Mountain’. Beautiful, evocative lyric that really moved me.

I came home and found the song on iTunes; ended up downloading the entire album. It’s incredibly good.

I feel like somebody just told me an exquisite secret.

Check it out.



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  1. Beth, you blog title has inspired me to write a song. Thanks!Patrick


  2. I haven’t spent much time on Jakob, either. I’ll check him out!


  3. girl… you know i’m always up for some quality music. i have to check that out!


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