Beach Vacation Pics

Aunt Barbara, Uncle Graham, Mom and Dad after our obligatory dinner out at Captain Charley’s in Swansboro…
The kids make an annual assault on Cap’n Charley himself…

The moms and the boys – these are the male grandkids; Daniel, David and Levi. And their loving mamas…

Shana and Eric – my brother – two of my favorite people in the world.

A few of the kids checking out the river.

4 thoughts on “Beach Vacation Pics

  1. This Capt Charlie dude looks like one lucky guy! This picture shows also the innate difference between guys and gals! David’s face says it all! What fun you have. I can’t wait to see Syd’s take on this on her blog!


  2. Beth, I love seeing your life – thank you for sharing, friend. I’m so glad that you and your family had a relaxing and great time together. hope we’ll eventually be able to meet in person….let me know if you head this way.


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