Mother’s Day 2008

I’m way behind on some other pics that I need to post – but I have to do the Mother’s Day thing today. My kids are so awesome…

First of all, David’s been desperate for this day to appear for about 6 weeks. He was out with his dad when inspiration hit, and together they chose the gifts for this year. He was so excited, and he kept saying, “Mom, you’re gonna love your presents this year!” The pump was primed, so to speak, since he talked about it every day for a month.

After church, we came home and I headed upstairs with the Sunday paper and plans for a nap. I dealt satisfactorily with both. All the ruckus, the smoke alarm and good smells eventually drew me downstairs. My mom and dad came over, and we all had dinner together – which was cooked, all from scratch, by Sarah. Shannon put together cucumber sandwiches; Sarah made grilled chicken, pasta alfredo with fresh mushrooms, fresh broccoli and Greek salad (her time working at Cafe Caturra is paying off – that girl appreciates GOOD food!). Fresh strawberry shortcake was dessert – and it was all from scratch as well.

(Let’s just all pause for a moment and say that these kids are AMAZING!)

After dinner, David FINALLY got to present the gifts; first was a cute book with handwritten messages at the end that made me choke back tears.

Next was the one by one opening of the source of David’s excitement. The kids gave me themselves:
There was a Willow Tree person for each kid, with specific hair color and size. It was overwhelming; I’ve long loved these little characters and received a few as gifts, but this, all at once, was really cool. Of course, the REALLY COOL part was David’s anticipation. I think, because he bought these with his dad, that it was extra important and maybe even healing for him. Big kudos to dad for helping the kids honor their mom.

I didn’t have to clean the kitchen. I’ve enjoyed the rest of this rainy day. And I’m so glad that I’m the mother of these kids.

(**wiping away a tear**)

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2008

  1. I know that your kids have been so excited about these gifts! They told me all about them and could not contain their excitement when they did. I will ABSOLUTELY join you in saying “these are amazing kids!!”Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. you know, i adore mothers day more than my birthday. the whole day is just wonderful, and if not for the lack of gifts (which is fine, we are strapped), my two teens left at home didn’t argue — not once!! that was a gift in and of itself 🙂(would you trade your cooking daughter for a stuffed bunny? just askin’….)


  3. Hi, I just wandered into your blog while browsing and what a nice gift! I love those figurines too, but what a good idea to have one that represents each child! Beautiful family!


  4. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. What a great surprise to find the kids gift of “themselves.” You have an extrordinary family. Bless you.


  5. Beth, thanks for sharing your MOther’s day with us. That was fun. I loved the kid’s idea!!! They are so sweet and thoughtful. I know you had a great day!


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