Look, Mom! New Friends!

So I met these people, see…
I started blogging about three years ago, and after commenting on other blogs, I realized that other people were wandering over and commenting on MY blog. And I started finding new blogs to read. And leaving more comments. And this one fellow was from a small town in Ohio, and it turned out that we had some things in common, and my kids even knew some of the people that he knew, and I was going through some stuff and he was counseling some people going through the same stuff. And then we got to talk on the phone one day, and I got to talk to his wife, too, and I see pictures of their family and their kids, and everybody starts getting connected and getting these little glimpses into one another’s lives…

And one day, they said they would be passing by our town. And what would I think if they stopped. And we met each other.

And so we did.

And it was – and remains – one of the absolutely coolest things that’s ever happened to me.

I will say that it’s weird – a little strange – to meet someone for the ‘first time’ and realize that you can refer back to things that happened in the past, or events, or photos, and ‘share’ the experience – but only because you wrote about it. It’s odd to realize that these people know a lot – a LOT – about some of your most personal issues, because you’ve vented and spewed and just thrown it all out there from time to time. It’s odd that they ‘know’ your friends and coworkers and loved ones, because you’ve referenced them as you’ve journaled your journey.

So this was, in many ways, a very new thing. Sort of space-age. Life 2.0. Different.

But, oh, so cool – because these people are the real deal. Bill and Pat are two of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. They love each other. They are comfortable and kind with one another in a way that settled me, simply to be in their presence.

They give me hope – for love and commitment and growth.

They’re really nice. And they’re funny. And they were so patient with my kids; they ‘got’ them right away. They boys couldn’t get enough of them.

I was so blessed to have them in my home (though they slept in my mom and dad’s home) (because there is no room in the Brawley Inn) and so honored that God would give me such a precious gift – a friendship birthed out of an unual method, but one that reminded me that it’s quite alright to be authentic, and vulnerable. And honest.

I’m sure Bill will blog about the trip here. But I think I beat him to it…

We had breakfast this morning at the cafe where Sarah works…

I never claimed to have the gift of hospitality. We went out to dinner at the County Seat Restaurant; they came to band rehearsal with us, and then back at the house we offered them ice cream sandwiches. It is what it is.

Syd demonstrated Guitar Hero on the Wii while Bill and Pat looked on…

Remember the story about the possibility of them being serial killers? Or pirates? Or ninjas? (You can read it here.) Well, they came bearing gifts, one of which was a big box. David asked a million times, “Can we open the box? Can we open the box?”

He could hardly wait….

I know this is a blurry picture, but I love the look on David’s face…

It was a box full of pirate gear!

A battle ensured…

One pirate decided to practice his rhythm drills.

Bill and Pat also brought dresses from a friend for the girls – they were gorgeous and there were several of them to choose from!

A quick modeling show…

Beautiful people, inside and out.



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  1. Oh, I just grinned and grinned as I read though this Beth! How wonderful that you met such lovely new friends, and now you can call them IRL friends as well. So very rare and special.


  2. Oh wow, that is so neat! It sounds like so much fun.I hope one day to meet a blogger friend or two in real life.


  3. YAY!!!!this just makes me smile SO big!🙂


  4. Isn’t it amazing to meet folks you only knew before over the internet? I met some for the first time in Bologna this month. Fun times.


  5. Beth – I am so glad you have met these super special people that I am blessed with as well. It looks like it was a great time for all and I can’t help wishing I was there with you guys too! Take care,Jen


  6. That is sooooo cool!Isn’t it a weird feeling to meet a total stranger and yet know so much about them?


  7. I am still laughing and grinning so wide :o)What a treat. Real PEOPLE, Beth! Not pirates! LOL!You, Bill & Pat look wonderful. And happy.What a grand time you had with friends across the way – loving them from afar. Finally getting a real hug.


  8. so fantastic Beth, I came over and started reading and have been absorbed in your life on your other blog and now here.. so pleased you had a great time…I was thinking and have wanted to get here to find out how it went down…xx


  9. Beth,I am so happy that you had this positive experience in meeting Bill and Pat.I have two very precious girlfriends that I met through a poetry blog over a decade ago. One is significantly younger than I; she was in high school when we met. I have visited her in Austin, Houston, and NYC, and we visited at Virginia Beach last summer. The second girlfriend is significantly older than I (old enough, in fact, to be my mother). She flew from Louisville to Powhatan to attend my graduation from JMU. Cade and I visited her in Louisville two summers ago and slept in her guest room.The written word is such a powerful means through which to connect with others. And isn’t it exciting to know that, sometimes, love is born in a way that doesn’t at all include the physical being?You’re so cool…Brandee


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