More Spring Break

Our real spring break plans – rather than leave town – included just hanging out at home. When we moved in (three years ago), we painted every room in the house except for the kitchen, the hallway and the downstairs bathroom. With a few days of flex time on our hands, we decided we’d tackle the kitchen and the hall this week.

As a bonus affirmation, the mail yesterday brought discount coupons for Lowe’s – $10 off! Every little bit helps! After a quick trip to pick out paint (which we did quickly, in spite of my history of taking a minimum of 28 days to choose paint colors), we came home with supplies and determination.

Another reason for having five kids: quick painting. The girls taped everything. I did a bit of spackling, and then we broke out the rollers and brushes. (By the way, if you read the following post, you’ll realize why we were unaware of the golf club brick busting activity…we were painting…) We got down to business and got everything done in record time.

Of course, we realized later that we neglected the second coat above the soffits. I’ll spare you the pictures. I’m thinking we just put some plants up there and hide the shoddy workmanship… We piled everything up on the tables and worked in the middle of the mess.

Sarah is a master at cutting and doing trim work.

Oh, yeah – Syd got a hair cut….not the best shot, but you’ll see more of her, I’m sure. She and Sarah have taken about a million photos…

And the color? Yellow. REALLY yellow. In fact, when you go in the kitchen at night, you don’t need to turn the lights on. It’s EXTREMELY yellow.

I’m thinking I’ll go back to my 28-day color consideration waiting period…

2 thoughts on “More Spring Break

  1. I LOVE the yellow…Pat did my kitchen/family room in a butternut and I just love the brightness and warmth! You can see it on a very old post (maybe my first!)


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