Easter Sunday!

Here’s the best we could do for our family picture this year…sigh…it’s hard getting six people to look good, smile and stop pinching one another at the appropriate time. We tried.

It was a wonderful day at church. We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with over 1500 people who came out to our two services today. It was a terrific service, in spite of the fact that somebody in the school maintenance department apparently forgot to program the utilities for our presence. No lights in the hallway and no a/c in the auditorium. It was warm, but fortunately the 30 degree temperatures this morning (hello, spring!) helped us to be moderately comfortable.

Worship in the big room was powerful – we sang an amped-up version of ‘Christ the Lord Is Risen Today’ (inspired by Ashley Cleveland), ‘You Are Good’, ‘That’s Why We Praise Him’, ‘Mighty to Save’ and ‘Voice of a Savior’, which followed the message and was tied to a drama to close the service. It was a great day.

‘Power Jam’ is the kids’ service, and all three girls and Daniel led live worship there today, which was VERY cool. Elijah played keyboards, Sarah played guitar and the others sang. They were disappointed to miss ‘big church’ but I’m so glad they were serving today…

It was wonderful to see so many people out today. I got to meet some interesting folks and reconnect with some acquaintances. We had prayed that God would move and do business with people as needed, and I believe that’s what happened.

Usually we have to tear down and pack up the entire stage, since we rent the school for our services – but today we were able to leave everything up, since next week is spring break. THAT was a blessing! We were able to leave early, and we went straight to Mom and Dad’s for Easter lunch.

The meal was great, and we enjoyed the opportunity to visit. Here’s a picture of Dad, watching basketball.

Sarah took advantage of the lazy afternoon to play Dad’s Martin a bit. Shannon followed her around with the camera. By the way, Sarah is writing some original music and posting it (and some covers) on her myspacepage. You can check it out here.

Shannon relaxed. She looks beautiful here; ‘single’ again, she seems none the worse for wear…

There was some serious sleeping going on as well. It’s a given that after a meal at Mom’s, we all crash. I guess there’s just something about being home; I sleep better there than anywhere else. Especially today, because I didn’t get much rest last night (anxious about the services today). Everybody slept at various times. David piled a pillow on his head and swore that he never slept – but he didn’t move for an hour.

I think he was asleep.

Daniel took the cake for interesting sleeping positions. This kid can sleep anywhere, anyhow.

I hope your Easter was wonderful as well!



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  1. What a beautiful family you are!


  2. Just loved these pictures, Beth! They are the best yet of the “Fam.” ….and sleeping at your Mom and Dads……looks like a great place for my daily nap! Just can’t wait to see these guys and gals and get to know each of them. We had a wonderful service here as well.


  3. You all look beautiful Beth! Hope your Easter evening was just as lovely.


  4. What a stunning family you have, Beth.It is obvious they get their good looks genes from you!


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