The McFormal

The McFormal was last night! What fun…it was an 80’s themed tacky prom sort of event. The girls had a blast, shopping at Goodwill, doing funky hair and using lots of blue eyeshadow, and just generally having fun with odd clothing and old music. I was nominated to do their hair, since I actually lived in that era. I kept reminding them that I never did much with my own hair, 80’s or otherwise, but I made a valiant effort. Unfortunately the hairspray didn’t hold much, but at one point they all had some serious 80’s big hair. My girls had fun dancing and dressing up; even Daniel snuck in! He’s too young for the youth group, but he managed to wrangle his way in after borrowing a sports coat from Marshall for his ‘outfit’.

It was a great event for all concerned. There are more pictures here, but I tucked a few in on this post. Enjoy!

Sydni and her friend Robert (along with their mutual friend Maureen) won ‘best couple’, though they competed as a trio…Syd was overwhelmed with emotion…

Elijah looks exhausted – he was – but the outfit was great!

Daniel and his best buddy Katie.

Round one of getting ready…I’m not sure about Sarah’s sneer, but it does look sort of eighties…



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  1. Oh my! Indeed, they had the mall hair thing going! How fun!


  2. That look by Sarah is just classic. She is every bit the 80s girl in that shot.My goodness, though, Shan looks all the world of being in her mid twenties with that face.Fun.


  3. Now THAT is a good time :o) Gina had some dances like that in high school where most of the fun was shopping for the right outfit and getting ready to go!


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