Amazing Women

I returned today from my first ever girls’ getaway. Nine of us traveled to North Myrtle Beach for a few days of rest and relaxation. We all are currently attending the same church, so we share that common bond. Some of us know one another well; some of us were meeting for the first time.

It was such a good weekend for me. I got nine hours of good, solid sleep each night. I enjoyed great conversation, amazing food and a beautiful place. The weekend was a blessing. The view from our house, which belongs to a friend of Jackie, who organized the entire event.
Cindy is one of the funniest, warmest, most resilient women I have ever met. I enjoyed every minute around her. She’s also special to me because her son and my daughter are currently boyfriend/girlfriend.

Susan was a new friend here; sharp and insightful, kind and thoughtful, she was a blessing in more ways than one. Susan’s ministry experience gives her a lot of wisdom and a fascinating perspective.

Rachel – beautiful inside and out. What a joy to get to know this woman, who is in leadership in our CARE ministry at our church!

Cathy is the ‘strong, silent’ type – a steady presence and a great friend. She’s made a commitment to better health and is looking hot as she continues to buy new clothes for her skinnier body.

Kelley and Rachel…Kelley is never without a smile…

Kelley and Carol, who is a member of our church leadership team with a great heart for women and for missions. She is one of the wisest women I know.

Gina, my wonderful long-time friend who almost didn’t make it; I’m so glad she did!

Jackie organized the entire event, stating that she wanted to invite some people that she hoped to get to know better. We were all honored to be included! Jackie is inspiring and gifted; she encourages me to keep my focus on God almost every time I am in her presence. Here, she happily poses with her ‘I’m Too Sexy’ Dancing Pig.
Jackie is also extra special to me, because her youngest son is dating my oldest daughter.
Cndy got a tattoo to commemorate her first EVER weekend away from home. It was painful but I’m guessing that she feels it was worth it.
How did Kelley manage to get into this picture, too?

Before we left, we invaded the space of this guy, who was quietly watching the water, and asked him to take our picture. I didn’t get that shot on my camera – it will turn up later – but I did manage to snap the photographer…

We ate dinner at T Bonz – way too much food, but a good time. We tried to talk our waiter, Christopher, into beginning a long-distance relationship with Cindy’s daughter. He was intrigued, and we did leave with his Myspace info…who knows? Stranger things have happened.

I rested and laughed and cried and was honored to hear the stories of some amazing women. I’ve much to process, as I contemplate the forces and circumstances that have shaped these people with whom I worship and serve and learn. There’s not a one who didn’t bless me and teach me something during the course of the weekend.
I’m thankful for an opportunity to learn more about myself and to have made some new friends.
Not to mention just GETTING AWAY from the laundry and the kids and the driving and the cooking and everything else! It was a wonderful few days – just TOO few!

10 thoughts on “Amazing Women

  1. I love you to pieces! I was just thinking on the last photo….I am in like every picture….and then you wrote the same thing!! :O) The last picture CRACKED me up!!! This was such a great read!!! xoxo


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