Busy Days

I’m busy – aren’t we all? Soccer season is over, and that returns our Saturdays to something more relaxing – but other things are picking up for us. Tonight, Sarah starts a job at a new coffee place in town. Looks like a terrific opportunity, in a culture and environment that seems poised for success. I was asked to attend her orientation meeting as her parent, and I was extremely impressed by the way this company is doing business. I think it will be a terrific opportunity for her.

A terrific opportunity for me to do more driving, as well; she won’t have her license for another few months. But I think the pay-off will be huge.

The other kids are doing well; usually, our winter season is usually one of nesting at home. The Christmas decorations are out of the attic – and scattered all over my bedroom. Syd posted a nativity set by the coffee pot, so I have a morning reminder of the reason for the season; but we’ve yet to get a tree or plan a time to decorate it. And shopping? I don’t want to even think about it…

Sarah and Elijah are still hanging together after six months. He’s a great guy, and I couldn’t ask for anybody better for the first “my daughter has a boyfriend” experience. Yesterday at church, Elijah was playing percussion and Sarah was singing (Syd played trombone, Shannon and Daniel both sang in the choir – it was a real family affair!) It’s a true blessing to have both kids involved in church together, and to see them growing in that environment.

Saturday was a really nice day; I had time to putz around in the kitchen a bit. Lately (as in the past YEAR), I’ve abdicated the role of baker to Sydni, as she’s become so passionate (and GOOD) in the kitchen. I had an itch to do some baking of my own, so I threw together the old Toll House recipe for chocolate chip cookies. It was a great trip down memory lane; there was a time when I baked cookies weekly, back when the kids were younger and when I wasn’t working full-time. As I worked through the recipe, I was surprised to realize that I knew the ingredients by heart. Something had internalized within me, and it was really fun to go through the steps of baking something so familiar. Another part of my identity: I am a cookie-baker, and in time, I will return to that past-time. As a grandmother, no doubt (EEK!!!)

Daniel’s first percussion concert was last week. They only played one song, but the real treat was seeing my son in his tuxedo pants and bow tie, on his way to manhood. I was very proud of him.

He told me last night that he wants to play guitar. I’m not surprised.

4 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. Glad you all are settling in for some nice “nesting” this winter. Yea Sarah and Daniel! I think I can smell those yummy cookies from here!(my work veri is ‘yhays!’) :c)


  2. Me too, Mary! I just blew the picture of you and Daniel and looked and compared your facial features….Each of those beautiful kids have such similiar looks…and SMILES! You are so blessed, Beth!


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