Homecoming 2007

Saturday night was the homecoming dance for our school. Shannon went with friends, as did Sarah; though she has a boyfriend who she would have loved to go with, he was out of town on a marching band trip (along with Sydni). So both girls went off with different groups of friends for dinner and the dance. Shannon hit El Cerro Azul with her buds, and Sarah went to Outback.

It wasn’t the best homecoming ever, particularly for Sarah (for several reasons). But just look at these girls; one day, years from now, they’ll look back and remember the pink blush of youth. There’s nothing that ever matches the look of 15 and 16-year old, happy girls.



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  1. Oh, you are so right about their looking back.They are lovely young women.Good job, mom!


  2. Don’t they just glow! :c) I wish it was cool to go on the group dates when we were in school. I think this generation has those issues fully figured out thankfully. Glad they were able to go and enjoy themselves.


  3. They really are, as we say on the Internets, teh pretty!


  4. Were you just as excited as they were, Beth? I was when my daughter had a big dance… :o)


  5. what a gorgeous photo – they will look back – so happy…


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