What A Sister Is Good For

Eric and Shannon, summer 2007

My brother is one of my heroes. He has walked through almost 40 years of life, navigating his own spiritual and emotional challenges, making difficult choices and following through, chasing his muse, and demonstrating a faith-filled, visceral love for his family. Following a trail to Tallahassee, Eric and Shana left their beloved Chicago and are making the most of a radically different culture.

He is a musician – an amazing guitarist. Eric has a raw talent that has skirted the edges of something holistically original for years now. Finally, he has landed; in the wake of a few good songs and a lot of great experience, notes and melodies left hanging on cds, in concerts and in worship, the dust has settled on what seems to be his true calling: songwriter.

Eric’s resume is tasty. Lots of bar bands, a few production gigs. Time on a party boat on Lake Michigan. A tour with Matt Redman and Delirious. Worship leader at Willow Creek Community Church. A few songwriting credits on a few cds floating around the universe.

Now, though, he’s arrived. The new band is called Maida Vale. You can see the beginnings of the website here. The first newspaper write-up is here. The music is on iTunes. It’s very, very good.

Here’s where the shameless begging comes. If you read my blog, do me a favor and be blessed by some good music. Go to iTunes, search the music store for ‘Maida Vale’, and buy the EP. Three songs, written by my little brother. $2.97. If you like it, write a review.

You’re welcome to formulate your own opinions; but my desire is to get this music out there, to allow it to soar, and hopefully give it the audience it deserves. It’s not just nepotism; it’s an appreciation of creativity finally finding its voice.

You’ll like it, too. If you don’t, I’ll refund your $2.97.

3 thoughts on “What A Sister Is Good For

  1. .so where did all this sibling talent come from. As kids did you just sit around between music lessons and sing and play together?? I am forwarding this blo entry to my Pastor/friend, Wes since neither Pat nor I have Ipods or tunes and he has the greatest love for a wide range of music! Nice Kitchen Aide mixer by the way!


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